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the facts

My name is Jay, im 19 currently living in Illinois with One roommate and my boyfriend. Im pretty quiet and don't do too well with new people, so please don't take offense if i seem kinda standoffish. Being social is something very difficult for me because of my anxiety so keep that in mind before getting irritated with me being distant. I'm Pansexual and polyamorus, although i'm not currently looking for partners. I've spent 99% of my life in the deserts of Arizona and im still deciding on where i want to live permanently with the people I love the most. Please don't be alarmed if i ever disappear from online for a while or disable my pages/accounts, its something i do to cope with stress and don't want to be bothered. Cons and concerts are where i tend to open up at as long as there's people i trust along with me, i love to fursuit whenever given the chance and am really a kid at heart still. Drawing is currently my primary source of income until the weather warms up again in the spring so excuse the art spam to come once i get reset up and back on track with my commissions lists.

to be redone later


Read before asking please

Q. What program(s) do you use?
A. SAI mostly and ocasionally Photochop cs5

Q. Do you use a tablet?
A. I use the Medium Intous Pro currently and was using the wacom bamboo fun pen and touch for just over 4 years.

Q. How long have you been drawing?
A. Digitally, a little over five years now. but i made my first DA account back in September of, 2009

Q. Do you take requests?
A. No, sorry. if i did my requests list would never end.

Q.When will you be posting to youtube again/ making speed paints?
A. Probably not for a long while, ive lost most interest in recording my works. Maybe in the distant future i might post there again. but no time soon.

Q. Can you watch me back?
A. Sorry i dont watch people when asked simply because my watch list would be way too long to keep up with. x~x

Q. Will you join my contest/raffle/whatever?
A. Unfortunately no. I don't have the time to usually. sorry. ;;

Q. Can we be friends?
A. If you have to ask the likelihood of it happening is slim. I have a hard time socializing with new people and tend to stick close to the few people ive grown attached to over the past few years. Plus friendship just kinda happens. you cant force it.




Jay-20?!-Fursuiter-IL- Hyena

People i care about unconditionally:
Trem | Damion | Toxic | Willow | KittyFace | Kota

games i currently play obsessively:
AC: New Leaf, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, MineCraft (pc), Keyquest (NP)

Shows I'm keeping up with:
Attack on Titan, Supernatural, Hannibal, Orange is the New Black, The Blacklist, The Walking Dead
* = behind a few episodes

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